Skylar Grayson

I'm an astrophysics PhD student at Arizona State University
studying galactic downsizing due to AGN feedback.
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I like to talk
about science

Science communication has become a great passion of mine and something I will continue to pursue for my whole career. Astrophysics research is often conducted purely for the sake of advancing the collective knowledge of humanity, but too often the results are only shared in highly technical and jargon-filled papers. A large part of my motivation in my work is to bring more people into this field that I love so much, without needing any sort of advanced degree. Additionally, as a young woman in a male-dominated field I hope to use science communication as a tool to increase representation and inspire students from a variety of backgrounds into a career in science. I have spoken with high schoolers who discovered the field of astrophysics from my videos and people in their 60s who looked at the night sky for the first time in years thanks to me. I am incredibly grateful for the fulfillment and inspiration I have found from the communities I am growing online. Science communication is an essential part of my graduate school journey and career beyond.

Below you will find a portfolio summarizing my accounts and some of my recent work.


My Instagram account, @fille_delespace (French for Space Girl), can be found here .

As of January 2024, the account has over 29,000 total followers.


My YouTube account, Space According to Skylar, can be found here .

As of January 2024, the account has over 10,000 total followers.


For a breakdown of the demographics of my audience on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube as of September 2023, see this file.

Selected Appearances

  • NASA Social for Artemis 1. I travelled to Kennedy Space Center to talk with NASA leadership and astronauts, visit facilities, and share my experiences and information about the Artemis program on my accounts.
  • Interviewed on the Starts With a Bang Podcast. You can find a recording here.
  • Interviewed for Youth STEM Matters Magazine. You can read the interview here.
  • Interviewed on the Everything STEAM Podcast. You can find a recording here.